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Lots of random data

After a couple of long weekends, I have finally reached what I think is a good first attempt of a random data generation package. The number of different domains that you can generate data for, should be enough to cover most general use cases.

The package, or packages, are divided into a couple of subcategories to make it a bit more easy to get an overview of the different capabilities. You can see the below list of what you can do with this:

  • core_random - The basic random functionalities required.
    • r_bool - Random true/false values. Chance of true can be specified.
    • r_natural - Random natural numbers. Range can be specified.
    • r_character - Random character. Casing, Choice pool and Symbols can be specified.
    • r_float - Random float number. Range and precision can be specified.
    • r_integer - Random integer number. Range can be specified.
    • r_string - Random string. Length and character pool can be defined.
    • r_hex - Random hex string. Length can be defined.
  • text_random - Generate random pieces of text, to simulate comments, descriptions, articles and more.
    • r_syllable - Random syllables.
    • r_word - Random word. Number of syllables, length and capitalizon can be specified.
    • r_sentence - Random sentence. The number of words in the sentence can be specified.
    • r_paragraph - Random paragraph. Number of sentences can be specified.
  • time_random - Generate random time and date components.
    • r_second - Random second.
    • r_minute - Random minute.
    • r_hour - Random hour. am/pm format can be specified.
    • r_ampm - Random am or pm.
    • r_millisecond - Random millisecond.
    • r_year - Random year. Min and max can be specified, as well as two digits result if needed.
    • r_month - Random month. Season can be specified.
    • r_day - Random day. Month can be specified.
    • r_date - Random date. Any component of the date format can be fixed if defined.
    • r_epoch - Random epoch date.
    • r_timestamp - Random timestamp. Any component of the timestamp can be fixed if defined.
  • location_random - A wide variety of random location related data.
    • r_country - Random country. Either full name, or short ISO form can be specified.
    • r_height - Random height. Result in feet and livable height can be specified.
    • r_depth - Random depth. Result in feet, and depth on land and not ocean can be specified.
    • r_latitude - Random latitude angle. Precision can be specified.
    • r_longtitude - Random longtitude. Precision can be specified.
    • r_coordinate - Random coordinates as a pair of latitude and longtitude points.
    • r_altitude - Random altitude, from 0 to upper atmosphere. Result in feet can be specified.
    • r_state - Random state name. Shortform option available. Country can also be specified.
    • r_zipcode - Random zip code. Country can specified for country specfic formats.
    • r_street - Random street name. Country and shortform can be specified.
    • r_address - Random address. Country and max numbering of street location can be specified.
    • r_city - Random city name. Country and state can be specified.
    • r_address2 - Random address 2 line, such as apartment or name of building. Country can be specified.
    • r_level - Random building level.
  • person_random - Random personal related data.
    • r_age - Random age. Type (child, teen, adult, senior) can be specified.
    • r_birthday - Random birthday date. As with age, type can be specified.
    • r_firstname - Random first name. Both country and gender can be specified.
    • r_middlename - Random middle name. Country and gender can be specified.
    • r_lastname - Random last name. Country and gender can be specified
    • r_name - Random name. Country, Gender, Include middlename, Middle initial and prefix can be specified.
    • r_gender - Random gender.
    • r_prefix - Random prefix. Gender and country can be specified.
    • r_identification - Random valid identification number, based on the country specified.
    • r_suffix - Random suffix. Country and shortform can be specified.
  • phone_random - Generate random data related to phones.
    • r_imei - Random valid IMEI number. IMEISV version can be specified.
    • r_meid - Random valid MEID number.
    • r_country_calling_code - Random valid international code. + or 00 can be specified.
    • r_phonenumber - Random valid phone number. Generates valid landline or mobile numbers. Country and country code can be specified.
    • r_mcc - Random valid MCC code. Country can be specified.
    • r_mnc - Random valid MNC code. Country can be specified.
    • r_imsi - Random valid IMSI number. Country can be specified.
    • r_call_type - Random call type, for CDR data.
    • r_call_type_service - Random call type service, for CDR data.
    • r_operator_code - Random and valid operator code (pmnl) for CDR records. Country can be specified.
  • finance_random - Generate random financial data.
    • r_currency - Random valid ISO currency. ISO shortform can be specified.
    • r_currencypair - Random base and quote currencies. Both can be specified.
    • r_creditcard - Random valid credit card name. Shortform can be specified.
    • r_creditcardnum - Random valid creditcard number. Creditcard type can be specified.
    • r_expirydate - Random credit card expiry date. Future data can be specified.
    • r_amount - Random amount. Range and precision can be specified.
  • web_random - Generate random web/internet related data.
    • r_tld - Random top level domain. Generic and country inclusion can be specified.
    • r_domain - Random domain name. TLD can be specified.
    • r_email - Random email address. Specify if you want to use real name.
    • r_ipv4 - Random valid ipv4 ip address.
    • r_url - Random URL. Specify if you want to use https and if you want to add query parameter.
    • r_ipv6 - Random valid ipv6 ip address.
  • consumer_random - Generate random consumer related data.
    • r_category - Random consumer category. You can choose between all, food ro non-food categories.
    • r_food_item - Random food item. Category can be specified.
    • r_nonfood_item - Random non-food item. Category can be specified.
    • r_service_item - Random service related item. Category can be specified.

Phew... no wonder I felt like this was taking a lot of time to create. I really hope that people can use this for something. I know that there are several times where I have to create random test data, and I always end up using excel, or even worse, just one row with 123,123,123,asdf,asdf like data.

Now we have a better option

So how do you install this?. Well the most easy way to install it, is to use NPG package manager to install the RANDOM_NINJA package.

If you do not have the NPG installer, then you can look at the spec file for the NPG package on github, to see the order for installing the files.