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SnapLogr - A smart way to display debug information

So during the last 14 days I've had an infection, which required me to take large amounts of penicillin, which got me so tired, that I really could not do that much work on my codemonth project. But still, I couldn't really let go of everything. So I decided to build an easy to use debug/logger utility that ships the messages to the web for easy digest, and for more pleasing looks.

Also the special thing about this tool, is that the messages you send to the app, only lives for 5 minutes on the screen, and then they are deleted. Most of the time when I develop stuff, I need to output a lot of debugging information, but I rarely need that more than once, and I dont save files/tables where I store this info. So along came snaplogr (guess where the inspiration comes from :) ).

I will create a demo video, on how to use it, and I have a client ready for Oracle and soon I will have a client ready for sql-server as well.

If you like, you can go ahead and take a look at the code on github SnapLogr, but since I have only been working on the code for about 2 days, there is no documentation and no readme and no demo yet.

Come back in the next couple of days for demo videos and more.

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