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GITHUB_UTL Roundup and status.

As a roundup, here is a list of all the blog entries I've done so far on the github_utl package. The project was fun, and I got to do a lot of github things, I had not done before. The reason that I even started out with github, was of course because of an incident :). A couple of months back I lost my primary and backup harddrive within an hour ... Bummer. So I lost one specific project I had been working on for close to 1 and a half years. So then I decided that all my code, from there on, should always be pushed to the cloud. The reason I chose GitHub, was simply because I had just downloaded another project from there, and it seemed easy to integrate into the OS using their API's.

So I've build some scripts, so when I create a new project on my machine, it automatically creates the directory structure on my machine and creates a git repository, and connects that git repository with my github account. So every time I commit locally it updates my github repository and makes sure I have an extra backup somewhere off my own hardrives.

Next step was of course to integrate it into oracle, so my plsql code could be secure as well, and I automatically could get a history off my changes and move back and forth between different versions. So github_utl got it's birth, and from this list you can learn how to use it:

So I would definitely call this months project a success :)
The status of the code has reached a level where it can be used for more serious things, then just testing. The rest of the different API calls should be possible to call, with the help of the examples on my blog and the documentation from github on the api. If you have any issues with it, feel free to either fork and push merge requests on github or mail me at: morten @ or just shout out on twitter, my handle is @kidrac.

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