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Extracting information from Airbrake, directly from inside the database

In this article, I will describe how we can select project information and deployment information from Airbrake, from inside the database. We want to do this, because later on in these demos, we want to build an automated job, that track errors in relation to code releases inside the database.

When others then null - Push those errors somewhere

There are so many sites out there, that specializes in certain areas, and do it really good.

One of those sites is, that can correlate your application errors into one dashboard, for easy reporting. It also integrates with GitHub so you can track errors related to your releases.

So I have decided to write an integration (using their offcial api) that enables us to report exceptions directly into the Airbrake dashboard.

Depending on which plan you select, you will be able to create different projects (applications), and group errors accordingly. For this demo purpose, I have created a free account and in that you only have the option for one project.