One project every month - making stuff better ...


So I had a good run in the first half of the month. I got a package ready, that can do all the steps of the Oauth v. 1.0 protocol flow. I have started the v. 2.0 protocol implementation, but half way through the month, I got sidetracked. So som exciting news might be coming, soon :)

OAUTH_UTL first draft done

So this months project is an implementation of Oauth. I have now created a package that can create a request for temporary credentials in Oauth version 1.0, and have almost implemented authorize, access and resource calls as well.

Next codemonth: OAUTH_UTL

So this months project will be a plsql implementation of the OAUTH protocol. This is a suggestion from John Scott ( So I wiil give it a try, and see if I can come up with someting usefull.