One project every month - making stuff better ...

More and more jira resource endpoints

I have added a lot more jira rest endpoints to the jira_utl package. The progress has been a little slow for the last week, since I have been elected president of the local danish user group, so I'm trying to get up to speed on that as well. The next week should be back to normal "speed"

New jira resource endpoints implemented

Just a quick update on the jira_utl project I have been working on here in march. Today I have added 3 more resource endpoints to the library. Application-properties, attachments and auditing. Custom fields and filtering has turned out to be a bit more complicated, than I thought, so I will probably finish some more resource endpoints, before I begin supporting custom fields.

Next codemonth: Jira integration!

This months project will be in the same line as last month. It will be an oracle integration to the issue tracking system Jira from Atlassian. There are two big use cases for me in this. One, is that a lot of my customers have bought the Confluence->Jira pack, so beeing able to integrate the database directly to issues and tasks, can make a lot of things easier and more effective.

JIRA_UTL Tutorial 1: Creating an issue

So the first tutorial will show how to create a jira issue directly from the database. We will create two types of issues, a bug and a subtask to an existing issue.