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Exponential Moving Averages, Histograms and Gauges

Had a couple of extra minutes today, so I thought about if I could add something to the lightweight monitoring that I created earlier last month. One of things I really wanted, was to add exponential moving average. Moving averages, are normally a little better indicator of the overall performance, as a normal average tends to hide momentary bumps, that you might want to investigate.

Another thing that could be useful, was a histogram over the call times. A histogram, is good way of showing the distribution of calls, which will also show us, the amount of outliers that are there. Outliers can be hidden in averages, so having something to flag this, is a good thing.

Lightweight application performance monitoring

Monitoring application performance, is always difficult. Sometimes you want to monitor every aspect (with a minor latency impact) and sometimes you just want to monitor the basics. Like counting how many times a specific business process was called, or measuring how long it took. You also want it to be lightweight, and you want it to be really simple. As in really really simple.